The Original and Best Cochlear Implant Headband
Adult Sports Headband

Adult Sports Headband

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The Adult Sports Headband is designed to keep processors in place during workouts – running, basketball, football, yoga etc. 

Suitable for age 10 years and up.

  • Activewear Poly Spandex Fabric wicks moisture away and acts with fast evaporation to keep processors dry during sports or hot and humid environments.  
  • The hearinghenry Cochlear Implant headband is the original and best. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the hearinghenry headband is sold in over 50 countries.
  • Keeps cochlear implants safe and secure. Minimizes the risk of damage to processors.
  • Eliminates the frustration of looking for lost processors.
  • Carefully HANDMADE IN AUSTRALIA using the best quality fabric to ensure durability and quality you can trust.

 What do our customers have to say?

T.M., 2021:

Hi - just thought I'd share some feedback.

I recently started playing an exercise/fitness game. It's been great, except for one thing: while playing, I generally stream the TV sound to my CI, but the streaming accessory (a boot that attaches to the processor battery) is extremely sensitive to moisture, and towards the end of my workout, it would start to cut in and out. Though a run through the dry box would fix it, that didn't help me get through my workout without having the streaming cut off, so I started looking online for solutions and found your website. I ordered an adult-sized headband, and it arrived 4 days later (which was very impressive considering that I am in the US!). I tried it this morning for my workout, and it did a great job of keeping the moisture off my processor -- the streaming worked fine the whole time and the whole thing was completely dry when I took it off. So thanks for a great product!

    Care instruction for Adult Headbands:

    • Wash on low temperature setting using mild detergent
    • Avoid washing with items that have zippers or Velcro, or scratchy items like denim
    • Do not use a bleach
    • Do no use a fabric softener as it inhibits the wicking capability of the fabric
    • Hang or lay flat, and air dry is best
    • Do not use a dryer