The Original and Best Cochlear Implant Headband

My Story

They say the best inventions are born out of necessity, and so the hearinghenry headbands were created.  Over six years ago when my son was implanted at 11 months, he was barely sitting, let alone walking.  I was determined to give him the best access to sound and keep his processors on for all waking hours, like I had been instructed.  However, after the first day I was in tears of frustration, how could I keep these huge (compared to his ears!) processors on??!! It just seemed impossible.  Back then, there was nothing on the market in the way of headbands.  We could pin them to his shirt, that was the only option presented to us.

These precious processors that was had looked forward to receiving for so long, just seemed to be either in his mouth, or dragging behind him as he crawled, or stuck under the sofa. I couldn't even cross the road with him in the pram without being terrified they would end up under a car.  On top of everything else I was dealing with, I just couldn't cope with this as well!  The morning of Day 2, I took one of his older sister's headbands and put it over the top to keep them in place, just so I could stop stressing.  In the next few days I modified the headband to make it sit better and hold the coils in place and the hearinghenry headband was born. 

Henry and I after his surgery:


I kept a blog for the first year of Henry's journey to becoming Henry Henry - [click here]


Here are some videos of early on in our journey:

Henry straight after surgery - age 10.5 months

Henry Switch on - age 11 months

Henry Reading - age 2.5 years